Don’t let them destroy Lifelong Learning

6 March 2015

Don’t let them destroy Lifelong Learning- Join the campaign to defend Adult Education.

400,000 student places and 1,000s of jobs to go.

The government has just announced a 24% cut in the Adult Education budget.

Adult Education plays a central role in the education of our nation. The need to educate and train those who for whatever reason did not achieve what they were capable of at school, must be a priority for every government. At a time when millions of people are looking to improve their lives through gaining new qualifications or the need to retrain to find employment this latest severe cut announced by the Coalition Government is an act of educational vandalism.

Government ministers have no idea of the significance of Adult Education to millions of people’s lives in England. They have never attended and know no one who attends a Further Education college. They are completely remote from the 3 million people who do enrol on the huge range of courses  that colleges provide for our communities.

If these cuts are allowed to go through it would mean the end of Adult Education provision in many areas of the country.  These new cuts would mean 400,000 student places will disappear. This is on top of the 1 million that have already gone since 2010. These are courses that are crucial to a successful economy such as construction, engineering and the creative arts.

The cuts will particularly affect vulnerable students most severely, as shorter and more flexible courses are axed in favour of apprenticeships. They will also affect higher level courses as fewer students will be able to access the learning which acts as a ‘stepping stone’.  The impact of these cuts will inevitably place colleges under severe financial pressure, leading to many course and college closures and thousands of staff redundancies.

We are all too aware of what happens when peoples’ dreams and aspirations are continuously deferred; the little hope that some have can easily turn into despair leading to further fragmentation and damage to the social cohesion of our communities.

Ten thousand people have, so far, signed our petition to defend Lifelong.  Please add your name

UCU London Region has called a Lobby of Parliament on Wednesday 18th March from 1pm and a demonstration on Wednesday 25th March at 6pm from City Lit College in Covent Garden to Downing St to hand in a letter.

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