Crisis in Mental Health and Social Care Conference.

10 March 2015

Crisis in Mental Health and Social Care Conference.

Saturday March 14th, Registration 10.15 am onwards.
11-3 pm at Central Methodist Hall, Oldham St, Manchester

Elaine Dunkley BBC North West Health Correspondent  will be chairing the Conference

Workshops :

Demonisation of People on Benefits
How To Organise Against Mental Health and Social Care Cuts
Racism and Mental Health

Mental health is in crisis. Over 2000 mental health beds have closed in the last 3 years. Frequently people sectioned are admitted to hospitals miles away from their homes. Many people with long term conditions are being discharged to GP-only care. Mental health is 27% of health need but receives only 13% of health funding. Even if mental health funding was doubled, it would still not quite have parity with physical ill health care.

Social care has also been devastated by 37% cuts in local government funding. Much is made of the cost of the growing number of elderly people. But 850,000 less elderly people are receiving social home care in England than were receiving it in 2010. Many of those that do still get care, get 15 minute visits from staff paid minimum wage.

People with mental health problems are being demonised by a benefit system beset with targets and systems which discriminate against them. Many have been forced off benefits by the dreaded ATOS and sanctions.

“Mental health services and benefits have been cut to ribbons. People’s lives are at risk. This conference brings together users, carers, staff and interested parties to say “enough is enough” and demand that mental health funding is doubled to bring it in line with physical ill health” said Karen Reissmann, one of the conference organisers.


Andy McNicoll – Community Editor, Community Care:
Professor Phil Thomas – Critical Psychiatry Network:
Jane Aitchison – PCS and Joint Secretary, Unite the Resistance:
Karen Machin – Carer Perspective, National Involvement Partnership:
Naomi James – National Coordinator, National Survivor User Network:
Dr Ramkisson – Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist:
Robert Punton – Disabled People Against the Cuts :
Rich Moth – Social Work Action Network

Conference is supported by: Bolton SAVE our NHS, Stockport Against Mental Health Cuts, Stockport UNISON,Salford City UNISON, UNISON Bolton Salford Trafford Mental Health, Stockport NHS Watch, Stockport Mental Health Carers Group, Rethink, UNISON Manchester Community & Mental Health, Salford United Service User Committee, UNISON Bolton Salford Trafford mental health, Manchester User Network, Greater Manchester Keep Our NHS Public, Trafford Residents Against Cuts, Liverpool SOS campaign, Social Work Action Network (SWAN), Refugee and Asylum Seeker Participatory Action Research (RAPAR), Anti Bedroom Tax Federation

Contact Details Karen  07972 120 451 or

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  1. Michael Ayton said:

    ‘Being With’ persons who have had pyschosis rather than doing it to them?

    Heres a link to an artical by the Guardian if you would like more information!

    18 March 2015 at 4:44pm

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