Campaign launched over “Crossfail” construction site sackings

11 March 2015

A new campaign has been launched over two recent sackings on the £15bn Crossrail project. The “Crossfail” campaign, endorsed by Unite the union is to demand the reinstatement of two Unite members who have been sacked on Crossrail for raising health and safety concerns at the Bond Street and Whitechapel sites.


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Last week also saw the verdict in the Coroner’s Court inquest into last year’s tragic death of 44 year old Slovakian Rene Tkacik who was killed by a ton of falling concrete at the Fisher Street Crossrail site in Holborn. The inquest raised more questions than it brought answers – including the lack of a safety exclusion zone.


And Frank Morris an electrician on the Westbourne Park Crossrail site was sacked in September 2012 also after raising health and safety concerns. Frank was eventually reinstated after a year long leverage campaign targeting Bam Ferrovial Kier.

The “Crossfail ” campaign was launched at a national rank and file meeting of construction workers which took place in Glasgow on Saturday 7 March. Delegates at the meeting pledged to launch a series of protests around the country targeting Costain and Skanska sites. Costain Skanska run the site at Bond Street.

Unite Executive Council members back the "Crossfail" campaign #Crossfail

Unite Executive Council members back the “Crossfail” campaign #Crossfail

Dan Collins, who was sacked at the Bond Street site said, “These companies like to be seen as health and safety aware but in reality it’s about getting the guys to sign bits of paper and ticking boxes. I feel that these companies have no genuine concern for health and safety and are more interested in production and profit.”

“Without union health and safety reps there’s noone to question unsafe company practices – they’re effectively a law to themselves and will approve anything.”

“This is a huge project, there has already been one death last year – to me that is one death too many.”

“The guys are too scared to speak up because they are employed through an agency and you can be sacked at a moments notice because you are not directly employed by the company that employs you. They are also scared they will be blacklisted.”

“We need direct employment with unionisation to keep a watch on these unscrupulous contractors on Crossrail.”

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Email your concerns to Terry Morgan, chairman of Crossrail c/o: and Boris Johnson:
Contact your local MP

To donate to the “Crossfail” campaign send cheques payable “Joint Sites Committee” to: Crossfail, 70 Darnay Rise, Chelmsford, CM1 4XA
























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