Back Dulwich Picture Gallery strikers: Action starts Friday 13 March

12 March 2015

Statement from Dulwich Picture Gallery workers

We would like to update you on what has been a long and intense period of consultations with senior management of Dulwich Picture Gallery. The Front of House team, led by its dedicated representatives, have put together counter proposals for senior management to consider as an alternative to their proposed redundancies.

The staff’s proposal clearly outlines their reasons for opposing job cuts and how such a move would be to the detriment of the gallery as a whole. It also offers innovative plans for running the gallery more efficiently with new ways of scheduling, contracting and managing the team.

The team has also proposed creative ways of altering ticketing procedures and ways of increasing proceeds from Gift-Aid. The Front of House staff have developed numerous ways in which the gallery could make changes, generate more income and move forward towards saving money as well. Implementing cost cutting measures by means of cutting staff are simply not the answer.

The Front of House team has been tirelessly undergoing consultation meetings and there have been compromises made by both the staff and senior management, however, the Front of House team now feel that further compromises are unacceptable from their part at this stage. The Front of House team have successfully balloted to strike and will begin their industrial action this Friday, March 13th. The strike will continue for seven continuous days until the following Thursday, March 19th.

The Front of House team is sincerely hoping that senior management will consider their staff’s position and accept the reasons why they cannot further concede on any parts of their counter proposal.

If the negotiations remain unresolved until Friday, March 13th, the Gallery Assistants will be striking as of 9:15 am that morning. We very much hope to have your support both on our picket line and on dedicated social media sites. Help us spread the word by forwarding the link below to your friends. Please share the news of our ongoing struggle and confirmed strike action at Dulwich Picture Gallery.

We hope to see you at the picket lines this Friday! Thank you again for all your support and solidarity!

The Dulwich Picture Gallery Front of House team – @SaveJobsAtDPG

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