Brighton refuse staff to take strike action

10 February 2015

copied from BBCbrighton cityclean strikers

Brighton’s refuse and recycling collectors are to go on strike in a long-running row over pay.

Members of the GMB union are taking the action over grading and pay proposals by Cityclean, Brighton and Hove City Council’s refuse service.

In January, the staff began a new work to rule over job changes.

The council said a “well-established and consistent process” had been used to determine pay for the city’s binmen.

The union said its members would walk out for 11 hours from midnight on 11 February, following a series of stoppages last year.

The union said differences with the council now made it difficult to do anything but “clash head-on”.

Mark Turner, GMB branch secretary, said: “Once again Brighton council officers’ lack of commitment and ability to finding a resolution has meant GMB members are left again with no alternative other than to take further direct action.

“GMB members will lose money and the people of this city potentially will see rubbish remaining uncollected, something we deeply regret.”

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