Unite the Resistance affiliation motion

20 November 2014

Here is a motion in order that your union branch or community organisation can affiliate to Unite the Resistance.

Click here to download the pdf

Unite the Resistance affiliation motion:

•This branch notes:
We face the most concerted attack on our public services, jobs, pay and pensions for generations.

While the Tories talk of recovery, workers are still paying the price for the economic crisis – with low pay, a squeeze on living standards and a relentless attack on services and our welfare state.

Hundreds of thousands of health workers struck on Monday 13 October for fair pay. Two days later civil service workers walked out and 100,000 people marched together on the TUC and STUC’s ‘Britain Needs a Pay Rise’ demonstrations on Saturday 18 October.

Health workers are now set to strike again on Monday 24 November. This is another brilliant chance to organise against the Tories.

•This branch believes:
We need our trade unions to lead the resistance to austerity.

We saw what our unions could do on 30 November 2011 when 2.5 million workers struck together against the attack on public sector pensions, and on a smaller scale on the 10 July pay strike earlier this year.

Since then, despite the intensification of Tory attacks, we’ve not seen strikes on that scale. We need to build mass industrial action to stop the Con-Dem’s austerity attacks.

The recent October week of action on pay would have been far stronger if local government unions had struck too.

That unity is even more important as Ukip and the Tories try harder to divide us.

Unite the Resistance wants to pull together all those who see working class organisations as central to opposing austerity to discuss and debate a strategy to win across our unions.

We want co-ordinated national action against the Tory onslaught, uniting strikers and campaigners fighting every aspect of the cuts and austerity agenda.

We are building a network of solidarity in every area so that every group of workers and campaigners knows they won’t fight alone.

•This branch resolves:
To affiliate to Unite the Resistance and to support local and regional initiatives.
Price £100 national affiliation/£25 local affiliation/ £10 individual

Please make cheques payable to ‘Unite the Resistance’ & send to: UtR, c/o Bookmarks, 1 Bloomsbury Street, London WC1B 3QE

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