This is what we want….10 demands discussed at Unite the Resistance conference

20 November 2014

Here is a list of 10 key points trade unionists and campaigners could be raising during the run up to the general election.

Of course it’s not an exhaustive list but it could help to shape debate at your union branch, campaign meeting or elections hustings.

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This is what we want:
Ten demands

1) Britain needs an inflation proof pay rise and a
minimum wage of £10 per hour.
Abolish the youth rate.

2) Free education. No fees. Restore grants and EMA.
Support the NUT’s Stand up for Education manifesto

3) Re-nationalise the privatised industries including
the railways, Royal Mail, water and energy. Kick the
privatisers out of our schools and our NHS. No to TTIP.

4) End austerity. No cuts. Collect the £120 billion of tax
avoided and evaded each year.

5) Build one million public homes. Scrap the bedroom tax. Cap rents.

6) Decent benefits for all – and encourage take
up until food-banks are abolished. End sanctions,
workfare, and the Work Capability Assessment.
Stop outsourcing. Retain the Independent Living Fund
and open it up to new recipients.

7) Abolish all anti trade union laws. End blacklisting.

8) Stop scapegoating and racism. Migrant workers are
welcome here. Promote and educate for an equal and
inclusive society that values everyone’s contribution.

9) Close the wealth gap. Tax the rich.
End child poverty.

10) Create one million green jobs.




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