Support New Era housing campaigners: Join the Twitter storm today between 1-6pm!

19 November 2014

Take action today for #NewEraEstate

Lyndsey Garrett & Barry Watt .
London, United Kingdom

19 Nov 2014 — Dear supporters,

If you’re on twitter we need you to take action today.

Between 1 – 6pm we’re asking supporters of the New era campaign to tweet at the US property company and urge them not to make 93 families homeless.

The UK manager of Westbrook Partners is Mark Donnor and Will Neale is the US based asset manager – tell them to have a heart and put greed aside.

Click here to tweet:

Search the #WestbrookPartners hashtag to follow the twitter storm – we want everyone tweeting from 1pm, when the Westbrook offices start work in the US.

Click here to tweet:

Thank you!

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