Solidarity with Haringey NUT’s Julie Davies – defend the NUT

12 November 2014

From Union Solidarity International: Teachers have launched a social media campaign to hit back at the Daily Mail’s attack on the NUT.

There will be a Twitter storm at 9pm this evening, using the hashtag #HateMail.

The Mail today splashes on the fact the NUT is paying teachers to strike. In other words, a union has a strike fund.

The newspaper focuses on the dispute at Haringey where teachers at two schools are on strike after headteachers tried to impose a union rep on them. The current rep, Julie Davies, is currently suspended – a move teachers believe is politically-motivated.

It reports parents saying their children are being “victimised” by the strikes, and suggests rather than paying teachers to strike, the NUT should pay for childcare so parents can not have to take time off work.

Now teachers are using social media to fight back, with the TeacherRoar blog writing:  “The NUT in Haringey is not “paying teachers to strike,” they are using union funds, set aside for the purpose, to defend the rights of all members. It is a clear point of principle that heads cannot decide who represents union members. The very idea undermines all teaching unions and that’s why it’s absolutely necessary for NUT members in Haringey to take strike action – they do so on behalf of all of us!

“Here at TeacherROAR we are a huge supporter of all the teaching unions. They are the last bastion against the likes of Gove and have had considerable success in slowing down his ‘reforms’. We cannot allow them to be undermined in this way.

“The Daily Mail are using this dispute, and twisting the truth, to further their agenda to damage and weaken the teaching unions. We need to show them that we will not tolerate this.”

TeacherRoar is asking supporters to do the following:

  1. If you use Twitter tweet @DailyMailUK and @Mailonline to express your disgust. Use hashtag #HateMail
  2. If you use Facebook post messages on the Daily Mail page
  3. Send messages of support to

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