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18 November 2014

Lindsey Garrett from the New Era Estate spoke brilliantly at the Unite the Resistance, we re-print their petition below, please sign and circulate it.

New_Era_Residents_460Our estate, The New Era Estate in Hoxton, has a long history of providing affordable housing and has been home to some people for 70 years. It is home to families who have built their lives in this area – like mine. I’m a mother of young children and work for the NHS. My parents live on this estate too. There are so many families like mine who have this area in their blood.

But the property firm Westbrook Partners have recently bought the estate and are planning a massive rent hike that will treble what we pay now.

We’re calling on the firm to ensure long term affordable rent so that our families aren’t forced to be made homeless.

View in full and sign the petition here


  1. Nick Hughes said:

    This behaviour is disgusting. I have lived in London for 18 years and in that time I have seen rents go through the roof in all areas that I have lived in. If it carries on like this there will be no way any normal working people will be able to live within sensible commuting distance and London will be a playground for the rich surrounded by ghettos full of the people who keep the city working. But with the high speed rail, new runways/ airports and rich foreign business men buying up properties so they can come here to do some occasional shopping, maybe this is what the government want?!
    The only way to turn this around is to start taxing the multiple home owners so that more affordable properties are available to the working families that need them and regulate the rental market so that landlords can’t charge ridiculous rents for dilapidated dwellings. I have worked in the property maintenance industry for the last decade and I am appalled by the state of and lack of investment in so many flats and houses all around London. There is a massive disregard for human safety in the private rental market. No one is doing anything about it and many landlords are getting away with it too easily.

    19 November 2014 at 3:50pm
  2. Fev Kearney said:

    We don’t have enough affordable housing as things are in London. The idea that a whole community can be sold down the river to enable the new owner to make a killing in rent rises, is obscene. These people were told these homes were theirs for life

    20 November 2014 at 11:19am
  3. desmond said:

    We are discussed at the way the serving conservative MP Richard Bennion and his family have been allowed to sell out to the American company knowing that these poor family’s would be evicted from there homes. Why should they be made to leave their homes and place where they have lived all their life’s. And why has this been stopped from being put on BBC news. Another cover up by this government. Only wanting people to see what they want them too. Another controlled state!!

    20 November 2014 at 4:53pm
  4. Mark Barrowcliffe said:

    Let us know any way we can help.

    21 November 2014 at 1:39pm
  5. Claire Cossey said:

    There is huge sense injustice and unfairness, towards the residents of New Era housing estate. People need to stand up to these big corporations that stamp all over ordinary peoples lives. A shame our government doesn’t do more. When the TTIP agreement goes through more of this will be happening.
    Let me know how I can help.

    23 November 2014 at 10:44am
  6. Louise said:

    Many people who Westbrook Partners invest on behalf of are Americans in ordinary jobs, such as fire officers and teachers. I wonder if they know what happens to their pension find and the suffering that Westbrook Partners are causing on their behalf.

    23 November 2014 at 1:33pm

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