Rush solidarity for Bucks firefighters disgracefully sacked amid national strikes

3 November 2014

fbu support the strikesIAMRICKYMATTHEWSFBUBuckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service have disgracefully sacked firefighter and FBU Executive Council member Ricky Matthews.

Ricky has been sacked for taking strike action. The county’s Fire Service management are claiming strikes were illegal because they did not have a complete and up to date record of union membership. This is because, in a further attack on the union, fire chiefs ended check-off the system of paying your union dues through your wages.

Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service now have a sustained union-busting record having previously imposed lock-outs during recent FBU strikes.

This is an issue for the whole trade union movement – an injury to one is an injury to all. If the fire bosses in Bucks are allowed to get away with this it will give the green light to employers around the country – and not just in the fire service – to do the same.

Buckinghamshire firefighters were meeting on Monday (4 November) to decide their response.

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