Keep Up the Pressure: Stop the Victimisation of Julie Davies: Lobby Haringey Council

20 November 2014

From a Haringey teacher: There has been a partial success by Haringey NUT in their campaign to force the local authority to honour an agreement on facility time and to defend Julie Davies, the divisional branch secretary, from victimisation but the campaign continues.

After strike action from two secondary schools, The Head teachers Forum met with Haringey NUT at ACAS and agreed to propose an agreement on facility time which would include no veto or pre-conditions. This is a huge shift from their position of until very recently. As a result, the members of both schools voted to suspend further action. This should be seen as a success and proof that action works.

However, the action will be resumed if the council renege on the agreement or if they persist in victimisation of Julie. The ballot of a third secondary continues. If the council sack her then there will be moves to branch-wide action.

So, whilst there has been movement it is not yet time to celebrate; the pressure must be maintained. The next important action is the lobby on Monday 24th which needs to be as big as possible. We want as many trade unionists as possible to attend (and bring banners!).


MONDAY 24th NOVEMBER. 5pm onwards (the time has been moved forward because we understand that there maybe TV news there to cover the lobby for their 6 O’clock editions)






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