FBU meeting: Build the Fightback, Wednesday 3 December, 1pm

24 November 2014


FBU meeting build the fightback

Called by London Region FBU.
Supported by Greater Manchester & Merseyside FBU

Wednesday 3 December, 1pm, Exmouth Arms, 1 Starcross Street, London NW1 2HR (Near Euston station).

Speakers: Paul Embery, London Region FBU secretary
Alan Chinn Shaw, Essex FBU Brigade Secretary

Click here to download the pdf of the leaflet

Our pensions dispute is at a crossroads. Our short-duration strikes have been solid and effective – one chief officer admitted last week that they had brought his brigade to a ‘standstill’.

But they haven’t been enough to force a decent settlement from government.
With her decision to put the 2015 pension scheme being parliament, Penny Mordaunt has thrown down the gauntlet, and in Buckinghamshire the executive council member Ricky Matthews remains sacked. How we respond to
these attacks is key.

The London region believes the present strategy must change. We need a bolder, more hard-hitting programme of strike action – a strategy that energises and gives confidence to members.

To achieve this, we need to organise. That’s why we have called this meeting – to discuss how we can best build a fighting union.

For more info contact London Region FBU:
020 7359 3686 • london@fbu.org.uk
Or Yusuf: 07854 998 519 • inky1917@hotmail.com

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