Support health, college, civil service strikes – don’t pull back from local government pay fight

9 October 2014

Local government unions, Unison, Unite and the GMB, have announced the suspension of a strike by hundreds of thousands of workers set to take place next Tuesday, 14 October.

The strike was to be part of a week of action that starts with hundreds of thousands of NHS workers striking between 7am – 11am on Monday 13 October, and will also see UCU members in FE out on Tuesday 14 October and PCS members in the civil service striking on Wednesday 15 October.

A joint local government union statement says that the new proposal is the best that can be achieved through negotiations and that they will now consult members on the proposal.

Many local government workers will feel that the decision to suspend action on the eve of the strikes is a big mistake, and that what’s on the table doesn’t represent real movement.

A mass strike alongside workers across the public sector next week could have increased pressure on the employers to make real concessions.

It is vital that activists across the unions continue to fight to build strong solidarity for the NHS strikes on Monday, UCU strikes on Tuesday and the PCS strikes on Wednesday despite the suspension of the local government action.

That means where we can, taking collections to deliver to the picket lines (download a collection sheet from this website), joining NHS workers outside hospitals for breakfast on Monday and supporting the UCU and PCS strikes.

It means using the next few days to continue to fill the coaches for the TUC and STUC mass demonstrations on Saturday 18 October.

The Unite the Resistance national conference on 15 November is a space to come together across the unions and discuss and debate a strategy that can really take on the Tories’ assault on working class people.

It also aims to build, develop and strengthen networks across the grassroots of our unions that can deliver solidarity to those fighting and keep up the pressure for more resistance to austerity.

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