Support health workers striking for pay and the future of the NHS: Mon 13 October

11 October 2014

Janet UCH protestOn Monday 13 October hundreds of thousands of NHS workers across Unison, Unite, GMB, RCM and SOR will strike from 7am to 11am in a battle against the Tories’ insulting 1 percent pay offer–and their announcement that many health workers won’t even get the measly 1 percent.

At hospitals and other NHS workplaces across the country, health workers will be on the picket lines–get down and show your support!

In several places local trade union and community activists are organising “Breakfast for the NHS” solidarity visits to local hospitals.

Many people who are not striking themselves will be able to take part on their way to work as the picket lines start from 7am.

This is not just a fight for health workers over their pay, it is a struggle everyone can get behind as we all use the NHS, rely on it and are affected by the cutting of services and jobs, the slashing of staffing levels and the running down of health workers’ terms and conditions to prepare the service for privatisation.

Support the strikes, organise for more action to win!


At the Unite the Resistance conference on 15 November, ‘Striking Together and Organising to Win’, there will be a workshop ‘After the strikes: where next for the fight to save the NHS’, with speakers from the Support Stafford Hospital campaign, the Care UK strike and NHS workers who are striking on 13 October.

Book your place at the conference here now, invite fellow strikers and activists from your workplace and union branch, and come join the discussion about the next steps after Monday’s strike


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