Organise solidarity: St Mungo’s Broadway seven day strike begins from 7am Friday 17 October

16 October 2014

Over 500 Unite members who work for St Mungo’s Broadway have voted by a stunning 95 percent, on a 70 percent turnout for strikes against attacks on their pay and conditions.

The seven day strike starts at 7am on Friday 17 October. There will be picket lines at the following locations, supporters are encouraged to visit pickets with collections, biscuits, cakes etc!

You can find the strike itinerary and picket addresses here

Download a collection sheet to support the strike here

Email support to:

Unite LogoSt Mungo’s Broadway provides hostel and supported housing for homeless people.

These workers who provide an essential service for over 2,000 service users in London deserve better treatment.

Since the ‘merger’ of Broadway with St Mungo’s workers now face a raft of attacks.
At the same time the new bosses have given themselves a big pay hike. This includes a £30,000 pay increase for chief executive Howard Sinclair!

The cuts mean a £5,000 pay cut for new starter project workers and for existing staff being restructured. Pay is being taken out of collective bargaining and draconian procedures and policies are being enforced.

We believe that to sustain a decent quality of service for some of the most vulnerable people in society housing workers like these must be paid a decent wage.

Recently, the Doncaster Care UK workers and Your Choice Barnet workers have faced similar attacks and rightly fought back with strikes. They are fighting in defence of essential services.

We fully support the strike action at St Mungo’s Broadway. Victory to the strikers!


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  1. diane marsden said:

    good luck in your fight against attacks on your t& c’s a care uk striker

    16 October 2014 at 7:49pm

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