No job cuts at the Ritzy! This is revenge for pay strikes

25 October 2014



We are utterly dismayed and saddened by the brutality which was thrown at us yesterday by Picturehouse Cinemas.

In what can only be described as a cynical attempt to ‘improve customer service’, they plan to axe the positions of 2 managers, ALL 8 supervisors, 3 technical staff, numerous Front Of House and numerous Bar staff.

The announcement of a ‘consultation’ period regarding these redundancies will start from the 3rd of November for a minimum of 30 days. It is anticipated that the redundancies will occur within a period of 90 days beginning towards the end of November. We have been told that our positions will be ‘renamed’ and that a yet undisclosed ‘pool’ of people will interview us and consider us for our existing jobs. The selection criteria proposed will be based on performance, skills, qualifications, attendance and our discipline currently kept on individual employee files. Redundancy payments will be in line with statutory levels.

Whilst there is no evidence of financial problems at the site, in fact we regularly come number 1 in monthly profits, the company propose that lowering it’s workforce by a quarter will improve the cinematic experience which a skeleton number of staff are already working incredibly hard to deliver.

NO OTHER site in the company is facing redundancies and NO OTHER site is subject to these dramatic changes.

This is nothing short of a scandalous provocation which is set out to undermine a years worth of hard work to gain a bare minimum wage rise, nothing short of backhanded corruption of statistics, nothing short of pure vindictive retaliation because we the workers showed that with determination and collectivity, we could effect change to make our lives that tiny bit more comfortable.

Picturehouses have backtracked and are behaving against what they agreed to at ACAS and the documents attached bring into question their ethics and honesty both as a company and our employers. PLEASE READ.

We call on you to show solidarity with us by emailing and
to make complaints about the appalling way the company are treating us. These are the company directors who couldn’t even be bothered to show up yesterday to tell us this news face to face.
You can also send messages via

Twitter – @picturehouses
FB – /picturehouses

Ritzy Cinema Workers will fight this callous act of retribution and we will update you accordingly


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