NHS radiographers vote to strike

3 October 2014

NHS radiographers vote for industrial action over the pay dispute

3 October, 2014
Strike placards

Society of Radiographers’ members working in the NHS have voted to take industrial action over the NHS pay dispute.

  • 53.3 % said they were prepared to take part in strike action;


  • 78.9 % said they would take part in action short of strike action.

The turnout was 41% of SoR members eligible to participate in the ballot.

The ballot was held by the SoR because of a continuing pay freeze in the NHS, the fourth in the past five years. Other health service trades unions have also voted to strike over the issues, which include the government’s rejection of a recommended 1% pay rise for the current year.

“It is very unusual for radiographers to vote for industrial action and this vote shows the anger they feel,” said Richard Evans, the Society’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Working people in the NHS have had to accept decreasing standards of living for long enough. Pay has been eroded by inflation and the government year-after-year has refused even the smallest of increases,” he continued.

“In real terms, radiographers and many millions of others who work in the NHS, have taken a pay cut and there is no increase planned for next year either.”

UK Council will meet on 8 October when they will discuss the ballot result and decide what action will follow.

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