Fast food workers from America tell their story of the fight for $15 and a union at Unite the Resistance conference, 15 November

28 October 2014

The Fast Food Rights campaign is hosting a delegation of fast food workers from the United States who have been at the forefront of the incredible strikes for $15 and a union that have spread across every state.

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The strikers are coming to the UK from the 13 to 15 November as part of a global tour to spread the lessons of their inspiring battle that has seen workers among the lowest paid in the US and in the most difficult conditions taking on notorious multi-national corporations like McDonald’s.

Unite the Resistance, which was part of initiating the Fast Food Rights campaign alongside the BFAWU bakers’ union and others, is thrilled to have the strikers speaking at the conference on 15 November. Come and hear them share their story!

On the day, at 12 noon the US strikers are speaking in the opening plenary, and then later at 2pm they will also speak in a workshop at the conference run by BFAWU bakers’ union:

‘The Fight Against Zero Hours and Organising the Unorganised’, 2pm

Hosted by BFAWU

Speakers include:

Flavia Cabral and Jorel Ware, both Mcdonald’s workers in Manhattan

Ian Hodson, national president BFAWU

Christina Paine, London Metropolitan University 


You can download/ print leaflets to use around fast food workplaces here


On Thursday 13 November, at 7.30pm, the Scottish TUC and the Bakers’ Food and Allied Workers’ Union (BFAWU) are hosting the Fast Food Rights public meeting at the STUC building on Woodlands Road, G3 6NG, where the strikers will be speaking alongside activists who have been organising through Fast Food Rights to unionise fast food workers in Glasgow, and Dave Moxham from the STUC.

For a leaflet for the Glasgow meeting to use around fast food workplaces here


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