Civil service strike on 15 October is about more than pay…writes Marianne Owens

14 October 2014
PCS members will be taking part in a 24 hour strike on Wednesday 15th October, joining

PCS R&C Euston Tower Branch on a picket Line

PCS R&C Euston Tower Branch on a picket Line

hundreds of thousands of other public sector workers in a week of action that will culminate in the TUC demonstration in London & Glasgow on the 18th October.

PCS members are however striking about far more than just simply pay. Members are severely affected by the pay freezes and pension increased and as a consequence are around 20 percent worse off than 5 years ago, however, this strike is about much more.
The current government have already begun to privatise large sections of the services that PCS members deliver, they have cut services and jobs to the bone leaving the public unable to easily access public services such as tax advice where all 281 public offices closed in June meaning that the only way the public can get advice about their tax is over the phone or internet.
There are also direct attacks on the union, the majority of facilities time for union reps has been taken away and in some departments union rooms and access to computers and printers etc has been removed.
The Cabinet office has also begun to withdraw checkoff in some areas; the means by which union members subs have traditionally been taken straight from their wages.
PCS have however had some successes through campaigning & industrial action;
Strike action in the Land Registry stopped privatisation.
Strike action in HMRC led to 2000 permanent jobs being ‘found’ for fixed term staff who were at risk of redundancy.
Ministry of Justice members in the shared services centres took a week of action which led to protections for members whose jobs are currently being privatised.
Action works and PCS members are prepared to carry on fighting.
Marianne Owens, PCS NEC

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  1. Geoff Crawford said:

    Francis Maude’ s comments today on the Governments website infers that those that took part in strike action are inferior to those that crossed the Pickett lines and turned up for work as usual. I feel very let down by his comments since I regard myself as a very conscientious and loyal civil servant. Mr Maude also states that the actual turn-out of those that did strike was around one third of PCS’s estimation. What is the real figure here?

    15 October 2014 at 9:40pm

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