Call out from the Care UK strikers. Join them on Friday 10 October – Organise solidarity

1 October 2014

Below is a call out from the Care strikers who on the 10 October will pass the length of the longest running healthcare strike in the UK – 81 days. The strikers are inviting anyone who can to bring solidarity and join them on that day in Doncaster.

Unite the Resistance would like to suggest that union activists around the country who can’t make the journey to Doncaster use the day to organise solidarity collections and post photo messages of support on the Care UK facebook page.

Workplaces around the country could organise mini lunchtime protests to hold up signs which say “We support the Care UK strikers”.

Click here to download the latest collection sheet

Please forward the Care UK call out to others who may be able to support









“WE the Care UK Strikers call on UNISON to support and publicise a day of action on the 10th October 2014. On this day, our 81st strike day, the CARE UK striker’s dispute becomes the longest running UK Healthcare strike.

CARE UK Strikers

81 Days – Defending the NHS

The CARE UK dispute is a result of the privatisation and transfer of the NHS Learning Disability Service in Doncaster to CARE UK PLC. CARE UK’s attack on the terms and conditions of TUPE’D NHS staff and the immoral unfair wages theypay new starters.

We ask all Unison branches, Union activists, Friends, Supporters and Comrades to show your support by holding your banners “We support the Doncaster CAREUK Strikers in their 81 Day struggle and their fight to defend our NHS”. Please post Photos of your support to all social media, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Our dispute would not have been possible without your support as part of the celebration and to enable us to continue our fight to defend the NHS, we are appealing for donations to our hardship fund in any multiple of 81………………………… 81p, £8.10, £81

For anyone wishing to make a donation, Cheques are to be made payable to Doncaster Unison 20511, and post to Unison, Jenkinson House, White Rose Way, Doncaster DN4 5GJ. If anyone wants to make a donation through a bank they can please contact the branch office for further details on 01302 366084, or email

On the 10th October we will be holding a Picket Line Party and Rally. All supporters, speakers are welcome. We will be inviting Dave Prentis, Ed Milliband and the DARLO Mums to join us on this iconic date.

Picket Line Party starts 10am outside CARE UK’s Doncaster office, Carr House, Heavens Walk, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4 5HZ. Rally at 1p.m at the Trade and Labour Club Second Floor, Frenchgate, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN1 1LL. If you wish to speak at this rally please contact Unison Doncaster branch on 01302366084. Please feel free to bring provisions to each venue

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