Britain needs a pay strike that will win…writes Jane Aitchison

2 October 2014
A message from Jane Aitchison, one of our Unite the Resistance joint secretaries:
Britain needs a pay strike that will win
Every day there are more and more reasons for workers to get involved in the 72 hours of October pay strikes and TUC Britain needs a pay rise demo. The mass strike on 10 July and the threat of more has already forced the government to talk of offering tax cuts for the lowest paid. ‎
But we don’t want our pay to be so low that we’re exempt from tax we want a decent pay rise every year that enables us to proudly pay our taxes for a Society free of food banks.
End the low wage economy
The Tories used to hate the minimum wage. Now they love it because they’ve pushed down our wages so hard that now 50% more workers are on it. Freezing benefits will drive down wages faster by forcing the 2 million unemployed to take worse and worse jobs.
We need to fight for better wages and increased benefits too to stop that downward spiral. If the minimum wage had increased in line with FTSE bosses pay it wouldn’t be £6.50 an hour it would be £18.89! Labours offer of £8 by 2020 is derisory. They need to up their game.
Christmas is coming. Debt is high. Many workers have wallets full of maxed out credit cards. Interest rates are low but may rise again soon threatening people’s ability to keep their heads above water.
Our politicians are hopelessly out of touch but we have to make them listen and act. We need to make the October pay strikes a massive success and use the Britain Needs a Pay Rise demo to spread the word that we’ve had enough.
We’re fighting back and we won’t stop until we win.
Come to the Unite the Resistance conference on 15 November to plan the next steps. Because together we can win fair pay.
Jane Aitchison, Unite the Resistance joint secretary
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