Sign the statement: Solidarity with protestors in Hong Kong

30 September 2014

Solidarity with protestors in Hong Kong

We, the undersigned support the right of Hong Kong citizens to decide who they want to vote for Chief Executive rather than just have a choice of candidates who are vetted and approved by Beijing We strongly condemned the Hong Kong police, (who are under the direct orders of HKSAR government): use of: tear gas, pepper spray, batons against the protesting students and the public who only had towels, cling film and umbrellas to protect them. We support Hong Kong teachers and other workers, who are taking strike action against police brutality and for the right for Hong Kong citizens to choose their own candidates.
Christine Blower General Secretary – National Union of Teachers Kevin Courtney Deputy General Secretary National Union of Teachers Sally Kincaid Divisional Sec Wakefield & District NUT Betty Joseph NUT National Exec Anne Lemon NUT National Exec Tom Woodcock Secretary of Cambridge Trades Council Simon Murch – Joint Divisional Secretary Sheffield NUT
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  1. Mandie McKeown said:

    #UniteForDemocracy #UniteForHongKong #UniteForTibet

    1 October 2014 at 3:23pm

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