Pledge sheet: Support NHS strikers on 13 October

24 September 2014

Below is a pledge sheet to use to gather support for the NHS strike on Monday 13 November

Click here to download the pledge sheet pdf

On Monday 13 October hundreds of thousands of NHS workers will strike in England. The strike is rejection of a paltry one percent pay offer from the government. Most healthworkers will not even get that.

The strike is from 7am-11am, and will see picket lines across the country.

These healthworkers work long hours to provide an essential public service.
David Cameron is determined to wreck the NHS through cuts, closures and privatisation.

Opening up our health service to private companies will see services run into the ground. The NHS has to be driven by peoples’ health care needs not by the push to drive up profits by money grabbing big business.

The strike on 13 October is not just about fair pay, it’s about defence of our health service.

Sign this pledge sheet to support the strikes. Join the picket lines on 13 October, take a collection down, and take them some breakfast!

The strike in the NHS is part of a week of rolling strikes. On 14 October over a million local government workers will strike, and on 15 October civil servants will strike. On 18 October the TUC has called a ‘Britain Needs a Pay Rise’ demonstration in central London.

The march can be a huge show of strength against the Tories and austerity.
Everyone who wants to see fair pay and the defence of our public services
should be on that demonstration!

Healthworkers pledge sheet





  1. Brad Atkinson said:

    I support the NHS staff wholeheartedly

    10 October 2014 at 4:05pm
  2. Beatriz Arias said:

    Health-workers provide a very important service to our society. They are very dedicated to their jobs and ask for a fair pay. I do support the NHS staff in their petition.

    13 October 2014 at 8:36am

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