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24 September 2014

Dear colleagues

UCU members at Lambeth College voted 2 weeks ago to ballot for further strike action in their dispute over new contracts. Despite repeated attempts by the branch to get management to talk to the unions since the strike was stood down in July, there have been no further talks yet and no improvement on the last offer. Instead management are delaying talks which the branch sees as an attempt to block any further action being taken this term. The ballot opens on Monday 29th September and closes on 13th October.

The new contract includes 2 weeks’ cut in holiday, drastically reduced sick pay entitlement and working longer hours, and would see our members working one of the longest working years in London.  The college has not been able to provide any educational or financial justification for these changes. Yet, while citing a need to reduce staff costs, and while staff have not received a pay rise for the last 5 years, the principal awarded himself a 13% pay rise, which amounts to an additional income of £17,000 per year.

London Region UCU has called a demonstration in support of our dispute on Tuesday 7th October from 5pm onwards, outside Lambeth College, Clapham Centre (Clapham Common tube, Northern Line). We are asking all colleges and universities to send a delegation and banner.

The branch sends thanks to everyone again for the fantastic solidarity received from round the country and the incredible donations totalling over £40,000.  Our members have so far shown strong determination in the fight to oppose the introduction of worse terms and conditions and will be counting on your continued support as we move into the next round.

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