Support locked out Buckinghamshire firefighters during solid eight day national FBU pensions strike

14 August 2014

Solidarity appeal from FBU:


In a long running dispute over Firefighters’ pension schemes the FBU has sought to negotiate a settlement to no avail, and now the new Fire Minister has retracted her earlier statement to all firefighters that she would meet even though the FBU had announced strikes.

Fire Stations across England and Wales have held picket lines between 1200-1400hrs and 2259hrs-2359hrs each day since the 9th August, and this is the not the first period of 8day strikes that the FBU has called neither is the only strike action that the union has called.

However, whilst all fire & rescue service’s, with the exception of one, have only docked the pay for the number of hours that firefighters have taken strike action, Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes has decided to refuse to accept partial performance and therefore Bucks firefighters have been effectively locked out throughout each day that strike action has taken place.

Now in our 16th hour of strikes over 8 days and Bucks firefighters have lost a total of 108hrs during this period of 8 days alone.

The callous Chief Fire Officer Mark Jones, who made the decision to lock out firefighters then took himself off on annual leave whilst leaving the residents in Bucks with totally inappropriate, unsafe and undisclosed contingency arrangements, Bucks firefighters have stood strong but they now need your assistance, can you help by not only raising funds for their hardship fund (details below) but write to Bucks Fire Rescue Service condemning their actions.

1. Please find below details of bucks hardship fund please pass onto all your branches.

Account No:     71603124
Sort Code:        40-33-33
Bucks FBU Hardship Fund

2. Email Complaints to Bucks FRS should be directed too;


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