Unite the Resistance “Striking together-organising to win” conference, Saturday 15 November

23 July 2014

Unite the Resistance “Organising to Win” conference, Saturday 15 November

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Bloomsbury Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8EP

Hundreds of thousands of health workers struck on Monday 13 October for fair pay. Two days later civil service workers walked out.

These strikes sum up what austerity is all about.

While the Tories talk of recovery workers are still paying the price for the economic crisis – with low pay, a squeeze on living standards and a relentless attack on services.

But while the strikes and the TUC and STUC protests are impressive shows of our strength, the October week of action on pay would have been far stronger if local government unions had struck too.

We were also hobbled by anti-union laws which the employers used to stop UCU members striking.
With health unions talking about further strikes in November we will soon have another chance to organise united action against the Tories.

That unity is even more important as Ukip and the Tories try harder to divide us.

The Unite the Resistance conference aims to bring together those who want to
see unity against austerity, to support local strikes, and to oppose all scapegoating and attempts to divide our side.

Opening plenary: Strategies to win: How do we beat the austerity agenda?

12 noon-1.30pm


Matt Wrack, general secretary FBU

Billy Hayes, general secretary CWU

Jorel Ware, US McDonald’s worker

Helen Davies, Unison NEC (pc)

Adam Lambert, Unite convenor, St Mungo’s Broadway dispute

Mags Dalton, Care UK strike

Lee Jasper, BARAC

Anne Lemon, NUT NEC

Sean Vernell, joint secretary Unite the Resistance

Chair, Mandy Brown Lambeth College UCU



Workshop: The fight against zero hours contracts and organising the unorganised


Hosted by BFAWU


Ian Hodson, President BFAWU

Christina Paine, London Metropolitain University UCU

Bryan Kennedy, sacked One Housing Group Unite convenor

Flavia Cabral, US McDonald’s worker

Chair Nik Hughes, Hovis Wigan



Workshop: After the health strikes, where next for the fight to save the NHS?


Hosted by Bristol Unite Health branch


Roger Hutt, Doncaster Unison Care UK strikers

Karen HowellSupportStaffordHospital campaign

Amr El-Shora, Egyptian Medical Association

Janet Maiden, Unison Health Service Executive (pc)

Frank Wood, Unite KingsCollege Hosiptal/ Unite NEC

Chair, Unite Bristol Health branch delegate



Workshop: Migrant workers: Part of the union, part of the solution


Hosted by BARAC


Barbara Pokryszka, Unite, hotel worker organiser

Alex Ajufo, RMT rep from ISS East Coast Mainline strike

Clara Osagiede, RMT London Underground cleaners’ rep

Lukasz Bemka, BFAWU NEC (polska-uk.com)

Sandy Nicoll, Branch secretary SOAS Unison (personal capacity)

Chair, Lee Jasper, Black Activist Rising Against Cuts/ Movement Against Xenophobia



Workshop: Benefit justice: Stop the Tories war on the poor


Hosted by DPAC and Benefit Justice Campaign


Focus E15 speaker

Robert Punton, Disabled People Against the Cuts

Tanya Murat, Southwark Benefit Justice Campaign

Dave Semple, PCS DWP Group Eecutive

Danielle Molinera, New Era 4 All


Workshop: Local government: Where next on NJC pay? How do we build a fighting union?



George Binette, Branch secretary, Camden Unison (personal capacity)

Claire Lyall, Vice Convenor of Glasgow Social Work Shop Stewards Committee, recently reinstated following unfair sacking (personal capacity)

Chair, Paul Holmes, Kirklees Unison branch secretary (personal capacity)


Closing plenary: This is what we want: demands for the election campaign and the next government



John McDonnell MP

Paula Peters DPAC

Mark Rowe, Merseyside FBU Brigade Secretary

Peter Pinkney, RMT President

Karen Reissmann, Unison NEC (pc)

Ian Lawrence NAPO

Ian Hodson, BFAWU president

Jane Aitchison, joint secretary Unite the Resistance

Chair, Lesley McGorrigan, UCU NEC


Click here to download the colour flyer

Click here to download motion to support the conference


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  1. Tony Staunton said:

    Please note that Plymouth Trades union Council has voted to support and send delegates to the 15th November UtR Conference, and will be bringing our Banner.

    In addition, Plymouth Local Council 8244 Branch of Unite has equally agreed to support the UtR Conference, and is putting the motion forward to the South West Regional Committee for support.

    Tony Staunton
    Chair Unite 8244
    Secretary, Plymouth TUC

    6 August 2014 at 8:31am
  2. Doug Morgan said:

    Birmingham NUT has agreed to send delegates to the conference with our union banner.

    Doug Morgan
    Assistant Secretary of Birmingham NUT

    5 October 2014 at 9:40pm
  3. Julie said:

    My PCS branch in Nottingham has agreed to send delegates to the conference.

    19 October 2014 at 6:15pm
  4. Matthew Reeve said:

    Unite Community Sheffield supports the conference, will publicize it & cover the transport cost for one its members.

    6 November 2014 at 7:49pm

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