Tyneside Safety Glass workers extend strike action

7 July 2014
Workers at Tyneside Safety Glass in Gateshead have voted to extend their strike action to three weeks.
The members of Unite had originally started their two week strike on the June 30 after rejecting a miserly pay deal from management.
Bosses were offering a three-year pay deal of a 1 per cent increase in the first year and 2 per cent in the second and third – but only if workers agreed to work an extra 50 minutes a week.
The strike was extended to three weeks at a meeting of the strike committee last week after seeing no movement from management.
The strikers are also fighting victimisation. One of the workers was recently sacked after moving his car in the company’s car park following a previous 7-day strike. The strikers say they won’t return to work unless he is reinstated.
Make cheques payable to Unite NE/202/68 Tyneside Social Fund and send to Shirley Foster, Unite the Union, Fry Street, MiddlesbroughUnite the union

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