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6 July 2014

The strikes on 10 July show us the power we have to beat Tory austerity. name the day for more strikes

There is now a debate taking place across the trade union movement about the next step. The TUC “Britain needs a pay rise” demonstration on 18 october in  London is an important focus.

But we also need more strikes if we are to beat back the attacks from David Cameron and the employers.

We call on our union leaders to coordinate escalating strike action as soon as possible after the summer, involving the broadest possible number of trade unions across the public and private sector.

We pledge to campaign in our workplaces and our unions to build for these strikes and make sure the fight is continued until we win.

Click here to download -> UtR name the day petition

Send completed petitions to: UtR, c/o Bookmarks, 1 Bloomsbury Street, London WC1B 3QE

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