Motion to back the Unite the Resistance conference Saturday 15 November

24 July 2014

Pass this motion to back the Unite the Resistance conference Saturday 15 November

This branch/committee/region notes:

1) The successful strike action by around 1.5 million workers on 10 July.

2) The continued attacks by both government and employers across the public and private sector on pay, pensions and conditions.

3) The planned strikes by NHS and local government on 13 & 14 October.

4) The call for a mass protest by the TUC on 18 October under the banner “ Britain needs a pay rise”.

This branch/committee/region believes:

1) That we should congratulate those at every level of the union who built the 10 July strikes.

2) That a mass campaign of protests and escalating strike action will be needed if we are to reverse the attacks we face from the Tories and those in the Labour Party leadership who support continued austerity.

3) That we need to build up networks locally and nationally to push for more action, build the TUC protests and to build solidarity for those in struggle.

This branch/committee/region resolves:

1) To support the call for co-ordinated mass strikes across the public and private sector this autumn. The planned strikes by health and local government workers on 13 & 14 October can provide a focus for all those who struck on 10 July to strike together again along with other groups of workers.

2) To support all strikes that build toward ‎further coordinated mass strikes over pay and against austerity.

3) To go all out to build for the TUC protest on 18 October.

4) To help to initiate a local mobilising meeting to build for the demo.

5) To book transport/pay for transport to the demonstration for…members to attend.

6) To support initiatives proposed locally and nationally by the People’s Assembly.

7) To support the Unite the Resistance “Striking together-organising to win” conference on Saturday 15 November, to send the branch banner and send…delegates at a cost of £6 each.

Click here to download the motion as a word document 

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