Latest speakers for Unite the Resistance conference Saturday 15 November

21 July 2014

In the wake of the highly successful strikes by 1.5 million people on 10 July and the week of action by FBU members that followed many activists are asking the question what comes next?

With a number of key unions debating further action and the TUC’s call for a mass “Britain needs a pay rise” protest on 18 October its crucial that the movement debates the way forward after J10 and how we can maintain the momentum that the strikes have given us.

A series of recent local strikes like those at Care UK, Lambeth College, Tyneside Safety Glass and the Ritzy Cinema have also shown the urgent need to build up networks of solidarity to back every fight.

The Unite the Resistance conference, “Striking together-organising to win” on Saturday 15 November hopes to play its part in bringing together activists, building networks of solidarity and debating how we can step up the action against austerity.

Amongst those who have agreed to speak so far are: Ian Lawrence (NAPO General Secretary), Mandy Brown (Secretary Lambeth College UCU), Billy Hayes (CWU General Secretary), Jane Aitchison (Joint Secretary Unite the Resistance), Pete Pinkney (RMT President), Jeremy Corbyn MP and Ian Hodson (President BFAWU). UtR-crowd-logo-rgb

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