Commonwealth Games protest by Glasgow City Life workers

23 July 2014
Glasgow UNISON union members and supporters demonstrated outside world
famous Kelvingrove Museum this lunchtime.
Workers there at the Glasgow City Council owned company are in dispute with their employer Glasgow Life over Commonwealth Games payments.
They are demanding fair compensation, similar to that awarded to workers within the Council, other Council owned companies and city transport companies, for leave restriction and shift changes during the Games.
Last week council solicitors sought an injunction to force UNISON to call of a stoppage planned for Monday 21st July. And this morning the council went to the Court of Session to try and ban today’s protest.
However the court upheld the workers rights to protest.
UNISON Scottish Secretary Mike Kirby said: “The judge has ruled that the council and Glasgow Life were wrong in their view that UNISON members were acting outside the law.
“People have a right to peaceful protest in their own time. We’d call  on Glasgow Life and the council to work with the trade union to address the underlying issues rather than spending money in the courts.”A further protest is planned outside Glasgow City Chambers tomorrow, Thursday 24th July, at 12.30.


UNISON Glasgow Branch is getting further legal advice, on the next steps in the dispute.

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