Solidarity with PCS HMRC workers striking 23-27 June

23 June 2014
PCS R&C Euston Tower Branch on a picket Line

PCS R&C Euston Tower Branch on a picket Line


PCS HMRC members are holding a one day strike as part of a rolling programme of action against job cuts, office closures and privatisation.

They have been pushed to breaking point. Despite best efforts to get HMRC to see sense they are continuing with their despised performance management system, office closure plans, privatisation and job cuts agenda.

Despite repeated efforts by PCS the employer is refusing to talk to us about an agreement to resolve these issues. In fact the employer has gone out of its way to announce attack after attack on members by ignoring the views of 50,000 PCS members.

All PCSHMRC members are set to take 1 day of action as part of a rolling programme, in the week beginning 23 June, to send a clear message to our employer that HMRC must improve.

The action is similar to that members took last year with colleagues in the DWP and which hit HMRC operations hard.

The strike days are as follows:

Monday, 23 June – Scotland and Northern England

Tuesday, 24 June – Yorkshire and Humberside and Eastern England

Wednesday, 25 June – London and South East and South West England

Thursday, 26 June – Midlands and Northern Ireland

Friday 27 June – North West England and Wales.

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