Lobby in support of Look Ahead Housing workers: 19 June

17 June 2014

Lobby in support of Look Ahead Housing workers

Thu 19 June 3-5pm, Hackney Town Hall, London E8 1EA

Staff at Look Ahead Housing in Hackney are facing their second substantial pay cut in two years.

Unite members at Look Ahead in Hackney are determined to fight the proposed cuts.

Union membership has increased 300 percent and Unite the union will be balloting their affected members for indefinite strike action.

Last Thursday 40 affected staff members attended a lively lobby of Hackney Town Hall.

Join the lobby in solidarity, with union and campaign banners if possible

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  1. Steve Thomas said:

    Please may I offer my wholehearted support to these people. Through Tupe, I ended up working for look Ahead briefly two years ago and they are, in my experience, a truly awful, underhand and exploitative company. People from my company were expected to take a £5000 pay cut and loss of final salary pension scheme! How many excellent existing services have been swallowed up and ruined by this parasitic organisation? And shame on the commissioners and their decisions and pathetic credulity. They listen to look Ahead’s spiel, get taken in and then end up throwing good workers to the dogs….!

    9 July 2014 at 7:48pm

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