Islington Striking Back Against Austerity Rally, backed by Unite the Resistance, Wed 2 July

26 June 2014

islington_rally_2July2014_flyer_A5_2upIslington Striking Back Against Austerity Rally:

 Wed 2 July, 6.30pm

Islington Town Hall

Upper St, London N1 2UD

Committee Room 1

Speakers include:

Jeremy Corbyn MP
Kevin Courtney (Deputy General Secretary, NUT)
Heather Wakefield (Head of local government, UNISON)
Sean Vernell (UCU and Unite the Resistance)
Vaughan West (GMB London Regional Committee)

plus speakers from FBU and PCS unions

Download PDF of flyer to build meeting here

This summer the fight to defend our public services and the pay and conditions of workers who provide them is being stepped up. Firefighters have been taking action in defence of their pensions; local government and NHS workers are balloting for strike action against cuts in the real value of their pay; teachers are to strike against government attacks on their pay, pensions and conditions; and civil servants are consulting on taking taking national action. There is now the real possibility that at least some of these strikes will come together on one day in July in the same way as they did back in November 2011. Such coordinated action has the potential to stop the Coalition government’s onslaught on public services in its tracks.

Be part of a local network to take this battle forwards.

Osborne and Cameron say that their “plan is working”. It is certainly working for their friends in the banks and the boardrooms – but not for the rest of us.

Come along: discuss how we can unite and fight back. 

Supported by:

Unite the Resistance, FBU, Unison, GMB, NUT, PCS, UCU, Islington Trades Council and IHOOPS (Islington Hands Off Our Public Services)

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