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20 June 2014

Factory workers at Gateshead-based Tyneside Safety Glass are on strike over what a union has called a “paltry and insulting” pay offer. Workers are striking for seven days, having started on Monday.

Pay negotiations between Tyneside Safety Glass and the workers’ union Unite broke down resulting in the action.

The strike is the second in four years for the firm which operates from Team Valley Industrial Estate.

Unite says a three-year pay deal on the table – which included a three per cent rise in the first year and two per cent in two subsequent years – had features which made it self-funding.

Unite sayUnite the union the firm awarded its highest paid director a 14% pay rise in the last year

Unite regional officer Fazia Hussain-Brown said: “Our members rejected the paltry and insulting  ‘strings attached’ deal by more than 90% as the company was giving with one hand and taking with the other.

“Our hardworking members and their families are faced with the continuing cost of living crisis, with household bills going through the roof and they deserve a more generous pay deal.

“Tyneside Safety Glass claims that it has no money for a pay rise for its employees, but it seems to have plenty of cash to give to one of its directors and to lavishly top up the owner’s trust fund.

“The management’s plea of poverty does not ring true and we urge them to get around the table urgently to negotiate a fair and equable settlement, so our members can continue to contribute to the prosperity of the company.

“The strike is solid and has been well-supported by the Tyne and Wear community.”

Messages of support to: 07761421607.



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  1. andy suter said:

    I work in a neighbouring office building and although I can understand the reasons behind the strike action I must say that the parade and noise associated with the trumpets and drums is nothing but disrespectful to your neighbours who are still working. The police were called to observe due to a number of complaints (I was one of them!). Surely you can think of other ways to get your point across than ruining the business operations of nearby companies!

    20 June 2014 at 3:35pm

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