Unite the Resistance steering committee report

27 May 2014
The Unite the Resistance steering committee met on Saturday 24 May. The committee met with Unison, Unite, GMB (local government), PCS and NUT set to take co-ordinated strike action on 10 July and with workers in the NHS moving towards strikes this autumn.
There are also a series of important local strikes such as Care UK and Lambeth College . Much discussion also centered on the expected high vote in the Euro elections for UKIP and the attempt to divide workers.
While wanting to see the best possible response to ballots and action on 10 July the issue of the retreat from action after mass strikes in November 2011 was also raised. It was agreed that an argument had to be put that this time we “fight to win” and that more than a one day public sector strike was needed.
The committee agreed to:
·        Maximise support for the People’s Assembly on 21 June and the TUC “ Britain needs a pay rise” protest on 18 October.
·        To build maximum solidarity for Care UK , Lambeth College and other key struggles.
·        To argue for the biggest possible “yes” votes in the local government industrial action ballots in local government and in the consultation/ballot in PCS.
·        To raise the argument for continued co-ordination and escalation of the national pay disputes.
·        Call for local meetings to bring together the key national and local disputes and to argue against scapegoating-“Back the strikes, fight to win, say no to scapegoating”.
·        To begin planning for a national “organising to win” event in the autumn.
Here is a leaflet that you can use for local Unite the Resistance meetings:
Click here to download the pdf version
Leaflet to publicise local meetings

Leaflet to publicise local meetings

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