Unite the Resistance in Scotland: Sat 10 May conference

5 May 2014

UtR Scotland 10 May publicity


The event will take place from 12 noon to 5pm (see speakers below)

@ Renfield St Stephens Church,
260 Bath Street, Glasgow

Contact: 07816 444 088

£5 waged / £3 unwaged

see paypal button at the bottom of the page to register

On Saturday 10 May, Unite the Resistance in Scotland is hosting a day of plenaries and workshops. This conference offers those sick of austerity a chance to join discussions and debates about the way forward for the fightback.

It’s an opportunity to hear from those who have fought and won, such as the care workers from the Glasgow Unison strikes, the Edinburgh College strikers, the Hovis workers who stopped zero hours contracts in Wigan, activists who were at the heart of the campaign that drove back the bedroom tax in Scotland and many more.

We have seen in the powerful strikes of the pensions dispute in 2011 the potential strength of our unions when we strike together. And we have seen how local disputes have won victories through escalating strikes.

Yet we have also seen setbacks such as the onslaught from blackmailing bosses at Grangemouth, and are seeing an unprecedented assault on pay across the public and private sectors.

Now the potential for mass, coordinated strikes is re-emerging, with fire fighters, health workers, local government workers, and teachers in England and Wales all headed for national strikes in 2014. Meanwhile, five days of strikes on London Underground threaten to shut down the capital’s transport network and local strikes like Care UK are going for serious escalation, with a 14 day strike announced after 20 days action.

With the austerity assault intensifying, alongside attempts to divide us through the scapegoating of migrants and benefits claimants, it is critical that activists from across the unions now to discuss and debate a strategy to win.

The conference on 10 May aims to provide a space to discuss developing networks at the base of our unions to strengthen and build them, as well as organising support all groups fighting back now and how we can best shape the struggles to come

Speakers include (all personal capacity)

Penny Gower, EIS Edinburgh College striker

Glasgow Unison Residential Care Striker

Brian Smith,  Glasgow City Unison branch secretary

Dave Kelly,  Unite Grangemouth Docks convenor

Tommy Sheridan,  Scottish Anti Bedroom Tax Federation chair

Phil McGarry,  People’s Assemby Scotland chair/ RMT political officer

Ian Hodson,  BFAWU bakers’ union national president

Jane Aitchison,  PCS/ Unite the Resistance national secretary

John Fox,  Hovis strike that stopped zero hours

Ian Mitchell,  Ex miner speaking on 30th anniversary of the strike

Marion Nisbet, Disability activist, Black Triangle & anti Bedroom Tax campaigner

Charlie Reid Centre campaigner

Anti-blacklist Unite construction activist

Mike Cowley Edinburgh College EIS FELA branch convenor

Stephen Low Red Paper Collective

Angela McCormick Radical Independence Campaign supporter/ EIS FELA NEC & Coatbridge College branch convenor

SECC unionisation drive activist

And others…



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UtR Scotland 10 May publicity. B&W

Come along and join the discussion in workshops and plenaries on how we can beat back austerity attacks and build solidarity for every group of workers fighting back

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