PCS Statement: Civil servants vote for joint strikes over pay

20 May 2014
Pic: (c) Kelvin Williams

Pic: (c) Kelvin Williams

Delegates at PCS’s annual conference have voted overwhelmingly for joint strikes with other public sector unions over pay.


The union has an existing industrial action mandate but will consult its quarter of a million members ahead of any co-ordinated action, expected to start in July.


Alongside any co-ordinated strikes, the union will also plan a campaign of sustained targeted industrial action in the civil service and is calling on ministers and senior officials to hold genuine negotiations.


The union says four years in to the pay freeze and 1% cap, which has cut living standards for civil servants by 10%, the government has refused to hold any talks.


PCS was part of the group of unions that sparked mass co-ordinated strike action over pensions in 2011 and has been leading the calls for joint action over pay.


PCS assistant general secretary Chris Baugh said: “We have long argued for co-ordinated strikes over pay cuts that have slashed living standards for already low-paid public servants.


“It is totally unacceptable for the government as an employer to impose these damaging cuts on dedicated staff who serve the public, and refuse to even sit down and negotiate.


“We will now consult on a wide-ranging campaign of industrial action alongside other public sector unions and targeted in the civil service to force ministers to talk to us.”

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