More strikes to hit Heathrow Express as RMT members step up their fight against cuts

29 May 2014


Strong and united on the RMT Heathrow Express picket line (Pic. Richard Donnelly)

Strong and united on the RMT Heathrow Express picket line (Pic. Richard Donnelly)

29 May 2014

RMT Press Office

RMT declares third wave of strike action on Heathrow Express and Heathrow Connect

RAIL UNION RMT today confirmed a third wave of strike action across Heathrow Express as a dispute over a package of multi-million pound cuts which amount to an all-out assault on pay, jobs and safety continues with the company refusing point-blank to address a series of safety-critical issues raised by the union.

As a result of the management’s continued failure to satisfactorily resolve this dispute, and in order to defend our members jobs and livelihoods, RMT’s executive has called for further industrial action and all Heathrow Express members have been instructed to take strike action as follows:

Not to book on for any shifts that commence between:

  • 03.00 hours on Wednesday 4th June 2014 until 02.59 hours on Thursday 5th June 2014

RMT members are furious that Heathrow Express plans to re-organise its workforce indicating that, in an attempt to save £6 million over the next five years, some 201 jobs are now placed under threat of redundancy, representing around half of the current workforce.The attack on jobs and working conditions comes as a direct result of the decision of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to cut £600 million from the Heathrow Airport budget over the same period.

The union has warned that the cuts would leave the vital Heathrow services vulnerable to terrorist attack with the eyes and ears of the operation, the staff on the trains, thrown onto the scrapheap to protect company profits.

RMT has rubbished claims by the company that they ran anything other than a limited, shuttle service for PR purposes on Heathrow Express during the previous strike action with Heathrow Connect closed down entirely.

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