Construction rank and file hold day of action against cuts to pay

23 May 2014

Protests were held around the country today to protest the pay cuts that construction workers face due to changes to tax law that were brought in on 5 April. Many workers are now being paid by Umbrella companies. These companies make workers pay their own holiday pay and the employers NI contributions.

Sparks occupy Whitechapel station

Sparks occupy Whitechapel station

The effect of this will be a take home drop in pay of 20-25 percent.

Protests organised by the national construction rank and file took place to highlight the Umbrella scam. At  a number of sites around the country construction workers have walked out and successfully demanded direct employment.

At Whitechapel in London, one of the Crossrail sites, workers occupied the the tube station to get the message out.

At the Cramlington Hospital site in Northumberland a picket stopped deliveries to the site.

Cramlington Hospital site picket

Cramlington Hospital site picket

And in Swansea electricians at the Morriston Hospital site walked off the job to demand direct employment.








Protest at Crossrail site

Protest at Crossrail site











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