SOAS cleaners win offer on sick pay, holidays and pensions after solid strikes

17 April 2014



Unison members, cleaners at SOAS University in Central London, have won a victory in their dispute with ISS and college management.

The workers have accepted a deal that offers improved sick pay, holidays and pensions. The offer takes them closer to equal treatment with “in house” staff but the fight for parity goes on.

It was the three days of rock solid strike action and the threat of more to come (next Friday) that has achieved this result.

The workers received massive support from other staff and students at SOAS itself.

The mainly migrant workers also received support and solidarity from across the labour movement.

At a time when the Tories, UKIP, the BNP and the media are attempting to scapegoat migrants and when Labour leaders have failed to stand up to the attacks the SOAS cleaners are living proof that when workers stand together we can win.

A longer report will be out soon.


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