Protest at Fat Face in Sheffield, soldarity with Care UK, Saturday 12 April

9 April 2014

A protest is planned outside ‘Fat Face’ in Orchard Square in Sheffield on Saturday 12 April from 11.45am, in solidarity with the Care UK strikers.

Private for-profit company Care UK has taken over former NHS care homes in Doncaster and are attacking terms and conditions of Unison members to increase profits for their shareholders.

If Care UK get their way some of the most valuable workers in our community are facing wage cuts of between £3000 -£5000.

Solidarity protest outside Care UK's London offices in March

Solidarity protest outside Care UK’s London offices in March

Workers are waging a brave fight to defend this service, and have already held sixteen days of strike action to defend themselves and the patients they care for.

Care UK is a small part of a huge pan-European company called Bridgepoint Capital which owns well known brands like Fat Face, Hobbycraft, Pret a Manger and Leeds Bradford Airport.

The message to Care UK and Bridgepoint is simple. Stop attacking your workers terms and conditions or we will bring our protests to some of your other investment outlets.


Unite the Resistance is calling for similar protests to be set up around the country. Let us know if you have protests set up.


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