New: Unite the Resistance ‘Britain Needs a Pay Strike’ leaflet

15 April 2014

Britain needs a pay strikebritain needs a pay strike

Here is a new leaflet which you may find useful making the arguments for coordinated strikes over pay and point to the examples of a rash of recent dispute victories that can give everyone the confidence to argue for action.

Cost of living crisis
Since the Tory-led coalition came to power in 2010, ministers have made it their mission to drive down our wages to boost profits.
Britain’s workers are suffering the most protracted squeeze on their incomes since the 1870s! At the same time those responsible for causing the current recession are laughing all the way back to their banks.
The super-wealthy on the Sunday Times rich list saw their wealth increase 8.5 percent last year.
The Bank of England doubled its spending on champagne in 2013, and bankers’ bonuses are back with a vengeance. They’ve recovered their finances – so must we.
While Cameron chats to the haves at the Lord Mayor’s banquet, ordinary workers try to eke out their overdraft in Aldi and pound shops.
Workers want to fight back
• Teachers in the NUT union have shown real determination to fight the Tories’ many-layered threats to schools and their pay. Teachers have launched strong and successful strike action.
• Lecturers in the UCU union have been striking in defence of pay and against zero hours contracts in higher and further education.
• Unison Health conference voted overwhelmingly to ballot for pay strikesand for a day of action on 5 June.
• Unison, Unite and GMB members in local government are pushing their public sector pay cap.
• Doncaster Care UK workers haveshown magnificent resolve striking back against pay cuts, as have workers at Ealing Hospital, SOAS, Yorkshire ambulances and the Ritzy cinema.
Low pay is the problem – fighting back is the solution
Labour constantly tells us that we are hundreds of pounds worse off under the Tories. The TUC has just run a fair pay fortnight. We all know how badly paid we are, but measuring it doesn’t improve it! We need a fair pay strike – we need to start winning.
The Tories preside over a system where child poverty has increased and foodbank queues have grown. These people really are shameless. There is only one language they understand – strikes.
Britain needs a pay rise – but we aren’t going to get one unless we strike for it.
The TUC has called for a demonstration on 18 October. That’s welcome, but it’s months after many deals are settled. We need action now.

Click here to download the two-sided pdf

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