International Workers Memorial Day, Mon 28 April #IWMD #Healthandselfie

2 April 2014


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International Workers Memorial Day Monday 28th April 

 ‘Remember the Dead: Fight for the Living’ 

“We Love Red Tape – it’s better than bloody bandages”

 On International Workers Memorial Day (#IWMD) we reaffirm publicly that good health and safety regulation and enforcement means workers won’t be injured, killed or made ill by preventable work hazards and come home alive and well each day.


Demented business Daleks say:  ‘Deregulate, Deregulate, Deregulate’ and the Government obeys

But workers and families of people killed by work say:

“We Love Red Tape – it’s better than bloody bandages!”

Workers and families of people killed and injured by work love red tape because it’s far better than the alternative which is even more bloody bandages and workers made sick often to death.  We all know no-one died of too much regulation and enforcement but from far too little. Their pointless red tape is our lifeline and especially for young people who are at more risk.

IWMD is a day to utterly reject the government’s business-led destruction of health and safety regulation and enforcement based on the lie that it is a ‘burden on business’, useless red tape strangling business. David Cameron has called health and safety an albatross and a millstone round the neck of business, and made it his New Year resolution to kill off health and safety culture.  Despite all the evidence that there is no such burden on business but a massive burden on the individuals hurt and their families, and on the public purse, this government has used rigged reviews to support their slashing of health and safety regulation and enforcement by cutting the HSE’s budget and role, number of inspectors and inspections, cut regulations and rubbished the system that protects workers from safety and health risks at every opportunity.

Our health and our safety is under attack like never before.  All that we have now in terms of safer and healthier working condition was hard won by the collective action of generations of workers and their trade unions over the last 50 to 150 years, is under threat, and standards are being driven backwards.  Work is now more intense, harder, longer, and with a ruined safety net.  We are in a fight for our lives and we must defend health and safety for our own sake and that of our children and grandchildren who will have to work until they are 67 and beyond before they can retire.

In 2014, after nearly 4 years of economic recession and specific government attacks on health and safety workers and the public are at much greater risk of being hurt by work than ever before.  But because of cuts in scrutiny and reporting of injuries, diseases and incidents, we are even less likely to know or hear about it in the press/media. So use IWMD to get our message out: we need health and safety red tape and unions to protect us!

“We Love Red Tape – it’s  better than bloody bandages”

 The Hazards Campaign calls on everyone to mark International Workers Memorial Day by:

‘Business says deregulate: The government will obey!’:

  • Rejecting the lie that good health and safety standards are a burden on business, when the reality is that bad health and safety standards are a massive and unacceptable burden on us and on the public purse!
  • Supporting our trade unions as they make work safer and healthier
  • Working together to defend health and safety in our own workplaces and nationally to resist the deregulation that is destroying it and us!



  • Taking part in IWMD event – 28th April 2014 is a Monday but check as some events will also take places on Friday and Saturday. Try to attend the IWMD event nearest to you, make sure your members know and take union banners, placards and wreaths.
  • Organise something in your own workplace to ‘Remember the Dead and Fight for the Living’ by making the case for Red Tape NOT bloody bandages, raise the issues with your members, a talk, a minutes silence, show the FACK DVD, wear purple ribbon, or sticker.
  • Circulate the link to Hazards Magazine manifesto for health and safety with workers at its centre and strong regulation and enforcement and an HSE that is a real watchdog, with teeth:

Go to and ‘Like’ the ‘We love Red Tape’ Facebook page

Facebook/Tweet the links using #IWMD14

  • Use social media to send messages supporting regulation and opposing deregulation use hashtag #IWMD14, and Tweet the message to: your MP ( , to DWP Minister Mike Penning: @MinisterDisPp and  @DWPgovuk; to  David Cameron: @David_Cameron; to BIS ministers: Michael Fallon: and Vince Cable @vincecable, @commonsbis; and to the local press.
  • #HealthandSelfies- be creative!

Take a ‘Health and Selfie’! Take  a photo of yourself holding a piece of card with

‘I Love Red tape not bloody bandages!’ then tweet your Health and Selfie to your own MP, to David Cameron, to local press, and use hastags #HealthandSelfie and #IWMD

We want people think about this, take their Health and Selfies and then be ready to start tweeting them in build up to 28th April plus mass tweeting/posting on the day itself.

We would like everyone to tweet the same slogan ‘I/We Love Red Tape – it’s better than bloody bandages’ #IWMD14 at least once, and then any other slogans you can make up that say what you think to support good health and safety regulation.

Suggested slogans to hold in your Health and Selfie – which you can also use as tweets:

  • #HealthandSelfie I love red tape- it’s better than bloody bandages #IWMD14
  • #Healtha I’d rather be wrapped in red tape than bloody bandages #IWMD14
  • #HealthandSelfie I’m working for a living, not to die #IWMD14
  • #HealthandSelfie I go to work to pay the bills, not to die #IWMD14
  • #HealthandSelfie I go to work to support my children, not to die  #IWMD14
  • #HealthandSelfie I’m 2young2die@work so I love red tape #IWMD14
  • #HealthandSelfie Don’t work me to death: Don’t cut health and safety #IWMD14
  • #HealthandSelfie Work should be a means to an end, not the end #IWMD14
  • #HealthandSelfie No-one should die earning a living@work #IWMD14  
  • #Healthand Selfie “Employers I’m (Joe Bloggs is) 2young2die@work Protect me with red tape at work!#IWMD14
  • #Healthand Selfie ‘I only work here, my family want me back safe at the end of my shift ’ #IWMD14
  •  #Healthand Selfie ‘Don’t work me to death’ #IWMD14
  • #Healthand Selfie ‘Prime Minister: we’d rather be wrapped in Red Tape than bloody bandages, stop deregulating health and safety law’ #IWMD14


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For We Love Red Tape leaflet summarizing government attacks, lies and the truth:

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