Solidarity with Doncaster Unison Care UK strikers: rush support for next strike

10 March 2014

Care Uk Doncaster strike rally

On the last day of Doncaster Care UK Unison workers’ seven day strike last week, around 200 strikers and their supporters gathered at a rally at the Doncaster Trades and Labour Club.

At a members meeting following the rally, the strikers discussed the next steps in their fight to defend pay, and then voted unanimously to go for another seven day strike.

Dates for the next strike are to be announced very soon. Continue to rush messages of support, solidarity donations and invites for strikers to come and speak at union branches and meetings: email 

Care Uk Doncaster strike demo

The seven day strike saw fantastic turn outs on the picket lines, and a strike demonstration of over 100 in Doncaster town centre.

Strikers have been visiting other union meetings, and attended a 250 strong meeting celebrating the 30th anniversary of the miners’ strike that was put on by Sheffield NUJ in conjunction with Unite the Resistance and other trade union bodies.

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