NAPO and solicitors strike 31 March/1 April

31 March 2014

NAPO and solicitors strikes 31 March/1 April

Probation officers, members of NAPO and solicitors will take strike action on Monday 31 March, through to the next day 1 April (Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Justice’s birthday) against the attacks on Legal Aid.

Barristers were going to continue a “work to rule” but Grayling’s offer of concessions, meaning cuts in some barristers fees will not be implemented until 2015 has meant action was called off. Many grass roots barristers are arguing against this retreat.

Probation offices will walk out of their offices at 12 noon on Monday and will picket probation offices between 8-10am on Tuesday morning. Here is a handy list of probation offices across Britain

There are a number of protests around the country to be held jointly with the Justice Alliance on Monday and Tuesday including…Sheffield: Monday, 12.30pm, Sheffield Town Hall, Manchester: Monday, 1pm, Manchester Crown Court, London: Tuesday: Tuesday 2.15pm, Old Palace Yard (opposite parliament), Rotherham: Monday, 12.30pm, Rotherham Magistrates Court andprobation solicitors strike Barnsley: Monday, 12.30pm, Town Hall


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  1. Daisy said:

    Main mind set of Solicitors that they not working under any pressure or any one guidance…So I just want to know one things its that their strike worked or not..?? because I personally think doing strike n all is not an option, as profession they are solicitor that mean they having much idea about the law and if their point is right betterly they can file case against this…

    4 April 2014 at 9:26am

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