Manchester Unite the Resistance forum, Monday 24 March

7 March 2014
Unite the Resistance
                                                                                                                               PUBLIC FORUM
Back the strikes,
Defend workers’ rights
Fight austerity and for fair pay
       7 pm Monday 24th March
Speakers: Avis Gilmore, NUT Northwest Regional Secretary,
Nick Hughes, BFAWU Branch secretary, Hovis Wigan,
Friends Meeting House,
6 Mount Street, Manchester,
M2 5NS

Tory austerity is squeezing the living standards of millions of people in Britain. Workers have had years of below inflation pay rises or pay freezes. The growth of zero hours contracts highlights the attacks from the Tories and the employers on those who are in work while the government is carrying out a war on those claiming benefits.

Divide and rule is the name of the game with claimants and migrant workers scapegoated by the right wing press and politicians from the Tories to UKIP and the far right.

We urgently need a fightback against austerity. It’s good the TUC has called for a mass protest on 18 October called “Britain needs a pay rise”. We certainly do need better pay, but we are going to need action to get it.

• Hundreds of thousands of members of the National Union of Teachers in England and Wales will strike over pay and to defend education on 26 March.

• Workers across university campuses have been taking national action over pay with lecturers, members of the UCU, set to start a “marking boycott” in late April.

There are also a series of important local fights:

• London Underground workers showed the power strikes can have – and how they can mobilise public support.

• Glasgow social care workers have taken seven days of strike action to defend working conditions.

• At SOAS in London cleaners, mainly migrant workers, are set to strike at the start of March to demand equality with other university workers over pensions, sick leave and holidays.

• Yorkshire ambulance workers have struck for four days to defend conditions.

• Edinburgh College workers have staged impressive strikes.

soas6 We need a serious national fight against austerity. How do we push for national action by unions together? How do we build solidarity for workers in struggle now and combat the divisions the Tories and others want to sow among us? Come along and discuss.

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