Fast Food Rights campaign: Day of action 29 March

18 March 2014


FFR solidarity with US

(Picture: Fast Food Rights campaign sends solidarity picture to US fast food workers)

At the Fast Food Rights campaign organising meeting on Monday 24 February, following the campaign’s first day of action that took place on 15 February, activists heard (via Skype link up) from two US fast food workers involved in the the movement over there and their fight for better wages and union recognition.

The Fast Food Rights campaign agreed the next day of action: Sat 29 March.

In central London activists will meet at 1.30pm at Leicester Square McDonald’s. So far actions are also planned in Lewisham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Leicester, Swansea, Birmingham and Newcastle.

Details are now on the campaign’s website of what’s planned where on the day. For full and updated details see

If you’re planning a local event to take part in the day of action, please get in touch with the campaign at:


Twitter @fastfoodrights

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