Successful first Fast Food Rights day of action

16 February 2014

Saturday 15 February saw the first day of action to launch the Fast Food Rights McDonnell FFRcampaign, initiated by the BFAWU bakers’ union, John McDonnell MP and Unite the Resistance, and supported by campaigns such as Disabled People Against Cuts, NSSN and Youth Fight for Jobs.

In London, around 50 campaigners turned out. Alongside BFAWU, John McDonnell and the campaigns supporting Fast Food Rights, there were trade unionists from other industries and sectors with high levels of casualisation, such as construction and higher education, who have been involved in union drives and fighting zero hours contracts.

The protest hit McDonald’s, Costa Coffee and Burger King stores, raising demands over pay, conditions and the right of fast food workers to organise in unions, while inside the stores activists leafleted workers about the campaign’s meeting on Monday 24 February and joining the union.Hodson BFAWU FFR

Protests elsewhere saw dozens of campaigners join the Fast Food Rights day of action.

In Birmingham, activists report that they targetted every McDonald’s, Burger King and Costa in the city centre.

In Wigan, all fast food and bakery shops, cafe chains were paid a visit.

And the day of action also saw protests take place in Brighton, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, Barnsley and Cardiff.

Many involved felt that the day was a good start, and the beginning of the battle that to take on the multinationals that dominate the fast foods industry, highlight and raise the demand for workers’ rights, and open the door to organising fast food workers into unions.

The next campaign meeting is on 24 February, 6pm at Vernon Square campus of SOAS (NOT RUSSELL SQUARE CAMPUS), room VG06, Penton Rise, London WC1X 9EW. Near Kings Cross station.


Watch the Fast Food Rights website for upcoming meetings and events elsewhere.

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